Bloxo Goes Multilingual [NEW]

Bloxo is available in English, Arabic, and Mandarin!

In addition to its previous availability in English, Bloxo is now also available in two other languages: Arabic and Mandarin.

Bloxo values diversity. The Bloxo team, itself, is highly diverse, and we take pride in the fact that the Bloxo user base is international and thus, we have added two additional languages to provide easier access to Arabic and Mandarin speakers on the app.

‘Approval Required’ feature [NEW]

Approve participants of activities posted publicly.

Bloxo instructors/organizers now have the option to approve the participants before they join their activity, even if the activity is posted publicly!

This new feature allows the instructors/organizers to accept or deny any participant’s request to join their activity if they wish.

While posting their activity, the instructors or organizers can enable this option.

Hide or Show Your Participants [NEW]

Option to hide or show the list of participants from the public.

To give more options to privacy, Bloxo instructors/organizers now have the option to hide or show the list of their participants in an activity from the rest of the public. This new feature allows instructors/organizers to keep their participants hidden from the public and only they can see who has joined.

This feature is available on the Add an activity form while creating an activity.

Please note that the participants would still be visible to the instructor/organizer of the activity.

Request a Feature [NEW]

Users can request a feature for Bloxo app or web.

As a Bloxo user, you can now request the Bloxo team to add or modify features on the app or web. If the users feel that Bloxo, as a platform, can be improved through an additional feature, they have the option to request a feature.

The Bloxo users can go on support and click on request a feature to either vote on an already requested feature or to add a new request.

Filter [UPDATED]

Option to filter the search to view only ‘organized by me’ activities.

Bloxo instructors and organizers can now apply a filter on their homepage to view only those activities that are organized by them. This new filter feature clears the cluster and removes activities organized by others that, as an instructor/organizer, you may not want to view.

It also helps in keeping a track of your upcoming activities.

Improvement in the Instructors/Organizers Onboarding Flow [NEW]

Easier onboarding steps to become an instructor or organizer.

Bloxo has completely changed the onboarding flow of the app to allow anyone and everyone to easily organize or participate in activities.

The new flow greatly improves the usability of the app. The steps to join Bloxo have been minimized, and well-organized to make it easier for anyone to easily access the features available on the app.

Edit ‘About’ Information [UPDATED]

Edit your ‘About’ information directly from the profile.

Bloxo users can now edit their ‘About’ information from their profile. There is an ‘Edit’ button present on the right corner of the ‘About’ box. Earlier, this option was only available under the Settings section.

The ‘About’ information may display the user’s interests, profession or any other relevant information.

This update reduces the number of steps required to change personal information.This new update allows the users to easily edit or add new information on their profiles.

Edit an Activity [UPDATED]

Edit all of the activity information in one page.

As a Bloxo instructor or organizer, while posting a new activity, you can now edit all the activity information on just one page.

This update reduces the steps to post activities on the app, making it even easier to post activities. Add an activity in with just one simple step - fill in information and post!

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