Chat Feature [NEW]

Option for Bloxo activity members to chat with each other.

Yes, we heard what you were looking for - Bloxo now has a chat feature! Easily connect with each other in an activity to discuss any relevant information. This feature allows anyone in the activity, whether it is a participant or the organizer to connect with each other directly through the app.

ADDITIONALLY: Bloxo users can exchange images through the chat feature, as well as tag other members on their messages. Tagging other members would send them a notification (if they have enabled notifications).

Pay What You Want Feature [NEW]

Participants can pay the amount they want to the instructor/organizer.

As a Bloxo instructor or organizer, when you enable this feature for your activities, the participants can pay what they want! If you prefer to post an activity without a mandatory fee, Bloxo has you covered.This update would help in posting activities that are open to donations without a mandatory joining fee.

Verified Instructor and Organizer Profile [NEW]

Personalized professional profile for verified instructors/organizers.

With the new release, Bloxo has introduced a personalized profile for the verified instructors and organizers of Bloxo. The profile includes the instructor’s or the organizer’s professional headshot along with description, ratings and number of organized activities.

With this feature, the verified users would be able to stand out among the other Bloxo users!

ADDITIONALLY: They will also have their own screen with the list of upcoming activities, making it easier for their loyal clients to join their activities from a single space.

‘Organizers Following’ Feature [NEW]

Participants can view the ‘organizers following’ tab on their profile.

With the new release, the Bloxo users will have an option to view the instructors and organizers that they are following directly from their profile. Bloxo participants may follow any of the Bloxo instructors and organizers that they prefer and later view them from their profile.

By clicking on ‘Organizers Following’, Bloxo users can also view the organizers information, including activities posted.

‘Groups’ Screen User Interface [UPDATED]

Improvements in the interface of ‘Groups’ screen.

The Display of the group screen on the Bloxo app has been improved. The update on the display makes it more user-friendly. This update helps in improving the user experience on the app as well as helps in improving the overall aesthetic appeal of the app.

Rate an Instructor or Organizer [NEW]

Option to rate an instructor or organizer post-activity.

Bloxo participants can now rate the instructors and organizers after attending their activity. This new feature is to help the participants leave reviews based on the activity. These ratings count towards the overall rating of an instructor or organizer.

This new feature was introduced to help participants leave feedback in the form of ratings, and to help the future participants view an instructor’s or organizer’s overall rating before joining an activity.

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